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Budget Friendly LED Lights

Budget Friendly LED Lights

What impact LED Lights can put actually on our day to day life.

Why we call LED as Budget Friendly Lights?

here we will discuss all aspects Related to LED Lights

As you know Everyone is switching to advanced LED lights over halogen and traditional lighting solutions.

And to meet this increasing demand, a huge variety of led lights are being brought to markets that are energy saving, cost-effective, environmental-friendly and durable as well.

Buying online is a great option to shop for these led lights without going outside.

Demand increase sometime decrease the  product cost but it depends on the number of manufacture in the market.

We know Now, the thing is, there are many online retailers out there that sell LED lights and not all trustworthy. So right now you are more confused which one you  will select.

We provide you Budget friendly LED lights Just because we have highly skilled engineers.

Our LED always save your pocket from unwanted spending money

Now you think How we save your pocket from unwanted spending of money

Answer is just our believe is to provide you high quality of LED that support you during your electricity bills .

As you know many Led Lights are not supporting much but Our aim is to reduce your unwanted bill.

A decade before the old technology was used in Halogen or traditional lights which always create trouble for a buyer in term of electricity bill.

traditional lights are not good for environment in few hours they release heat.

New technologies which are present in our led lights make our led better over old technology.

so by this new technology we make budget friendly bulb by which your bill never goes up.

We alpha LED Lighting provide our facility to corporate ,pool lighting,landscape,commercial, and boat.

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Alpha LED Lighting

Why We Need Environmental Friendly LED Bulbs

Why We Need Environmental Friendly LED Bulbs?

As you know lighting we use plays a important role in our society so we need such technology which help to make environmental friendly LED Bulbs.

Thankfully, we have a option LED Bulbs  it mean that we can all do something to help the environment at the same time.

What Advantages LED gives you over incandescent and CFLs bulbs?

LED technology not only bring down you bills but are also more environmental friendly

as compared to incandescent/halogen and CFL bulbs.

LED bulbs causes less harm to your environment than the other two options.

According to research Incandescent Bulbs take more Watts then CFL but CFL Take more LED Bulbs .

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs consume less power per unit of light emitted. Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs are comparatively very low than other alternatives.

The energy utilization of an LED bulbs is about 25-30 times lower than corresponding incandescent bulb.

LEDs generate less heat during working and so cooling costs are comparatively lower. Incandescent bulbs release More percent of the energy as heat then LED.

It is very clear that LEDs are a big advantage over incandescent bulbs, but what about when we compared to CFLs.

Lets have a look Major difference between CFL and LED:-

Major difference between CFL and LED bulbs?

  1. CFL bulb consumes More power as compared to LED.
  2. The life of an CFL bulb is usually Less than LED.
  3. Sometime LED bulbs are expensive as compared to CFL bulbs.
  4. The primary difference between the CFL and LED bulb is that LED bulbs are more durable and work for long life.
  5. Size of CFL bulb is mostly bigger than a LED bulb.
  6. The weight of CFL bulb is more than LED bulbs.

The two biggest environment friendly advantages of LED are origin from its low energy consumption and long life working ability.

On the other side incandescent and CFL Bulbs, are working on high energy consumption.

Because of LED lights we do not need to replace it again and again at the end we need fewer led Lights.

But the biggest obstacle is to adopt of this green environment friendly lighting technology is the initial installation cost.

Yes LED bulbs are much costly than other options, but an LED lights that lasts for many years so it will repays its cost in few years.

We think you now understand “why we need environmental friendly Bulbs”.

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LED compared to tradition lighting

LED compared to traditional lighting?

Traditional halogen lighting

Traditionally, halogen lights were used in swimming pools. Reliable but old technology. It is also vulnerable to corrosion damage and needs regular maintenance.

Some advantages of  LED pool lighting

• Energy saving: This is shocking, considering the amount of light of these LED give you. They are very helpful in night during swimming sessions, especially if it gets dark early.
• Changes colours: If your pool is with LED, you can change the mood of the swim by controlling the colours and patterns. You can do this with ease by remote control.
• Environment friendly: Because LED lights produce less amount of heat waste so, they are perfect for the environment.
• Last a lot longer:  A single unit LED light can work for many hours and for far longer than a normal halogen bulb.
• Saves your money: As you don’t have to replace as frequently as halogen lights.

LED lighting is brighter and makes night swimming safer and more attractive.  Traditional lighting does not have the same advantages as LED Lighting.

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Alpha LED Lighting

How we protect you from unwanted bills

How we protect you from unwanted bills?

Before we start talking on the topic of how we protect you from unwanted bills.

We want your focus on the topic”Tips which save your electricity bills” .

Because of technology, the price of LED lights now a days is continuously dropping, but there’s still a big difference compared to incandescent/old format light bulbs.

These 2 easy tips will help you save on electricity bills:

1. Switch off properly

2. Replace Old Light Bulbs with LED,s

According to the Department of Energy, most of electrical energy use by home electronics occurs when they are unwanted powered on and this could cost you upwards of an additional year,

To avoid these hidden costs, we recommend using power strips and remembering to switch them off when you’re not using your electronics items.

Many times, we not remember to power off our electricity, that is causing our energy bill to be inflated with power that we aren’t even using.

All above tips will save your money.

How Much Does Changing To LED Lights Save?

Yes LED lights are energy saving light bulbs that produces the same beautiful white light as regular light bulbs for a fraction of the cost. LED lights can provide upwards of many hours of light for a small price.

Choosing a bright LED.s over a old aging light bulb is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bill.

This change in your life reduces light bulb energy bills and the good news is that they can perform well means longer than incandescent/old bulbs.

Choosing LEDs over traditional light bulbs not only saves you money but also reduce tension.

We manufacture and install a bespoke range of custom design LED lighting for corporate signage and other unique projects for many large companies.

So Our Alpha LED Lighting Reduce your unwanted bills .

We hope you now understand the topic “How we protect you from unwanted bills”.

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Solar Pool Lights

Solar Pool Lights

Before we talk about Best solar pool lights I want you to focus on what is Solar Energy .

Solar Energy is related to or we can say derived from the sun to utilize the energy sources coming from the sun.

How does solar energy work?

Every  modules absorb sunlight and convert the energy into a usable form of electrical current.

Advantages of solar energy

Renewable energy

As you all know Renewable energy produced by using natural resources that are constantly replaced and never run out.

Solar Lighting reduce energy bills

Yes it reduce your energy bill .

Less Number of Maintenance you need
Solar-powered Lights are Safe

Solar-powered lights do not have any sort unwanted wiring to worry about.

When choosing the lights for your pools, you want to keep the pool area safe and well organized , to help prevent from accidents, whilst also making the poolside as welcoming and more attractive as possible.

How does Solar Pool Lights Work?

Solar lighting for pool are come with different sizes and shapes but the way they work is fundamentally the same as the other solar module works.

Some advantage of solar pool lights

  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Easy to install, maintain and use, many models are intuitive and can be remote controlled by remote.
  • One hour of sunlight is somewhere equal to one hour of lighting at night.
  • Many offers colour variations, fluctuations and effects. They bring an extra decorative feature to your garden and pool space.
  •  reduce unwanted bills

As you know  solar lights depend on the sun and seldom have backup or power sources. This means sometime lack of sun or bad weather can affect their performance.

What we provide ?

ALPHA LED Solar Lights for your Pool

Solar power, high-quality light. This is a solution for your pool if you have cable issues . Only available in Blue or White LED. Pool must be in full sunlight during the day. One hour of sunlight is equal to one hour of lighting at night.

Benefits of Alpha LED Solar Pool Lights

1.We Provide You best lights Under your budget .

2.Less number of maintenance also increase your interest toward alpha LED  lights.

  1. Easy to install, maintain and use
  2. Alpha Led provide you Solar lights for pools which are  energy efficient and eco-friendly.

we provide you best solar light for pool .

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LED Lighting Solutions


LED Lighting technology offers adjustable lighting solutions that are easy to apply for different location.

Getting the right LED product always helps you in getting the lighting effect you were thinking for.LED lighting allows you to create different effects according to your need.

The trick to attaining the goal of using LED lighting is ensuring you pick the right LED s Lights for right place.

The following tips will help you as you make your purchase.
Understand the different LED Lighting products for different use.

Alpha LED Lighting products comes in a wide range of variation. Some require different installations and supporting accessories.

Understanding the different LED products as well as how they work will help you to determine which one will best suit for your project.

For different purpose we provide different LED s Products

What we cover in LED Lighting?

We Cover many areas like :-
1.Landscape Lighting
With landscape LED lighting from the LED lighting experts at Alpha LED Lighting, you can make the most of your landscaped gardens and outdoor space at night

2. Corporate lighting
Don’t let your business profile very dim to insignificance when you choose our LED lighting it will save your time and money.

3.Pool Lighting
We Alpha LED has installed LED lights in many types of pools, spas and water features.
Our own LED pool lights provide high quality brightness, energy efficiency and cost savings, along with leak proof technology

4.Commercial Lighting.

5.Boat Lighting Signage
Our Signage LED lighting boasts exceptional energy savings and vibrant colours with enough brightness to light signs of any size
Consider how you will use LED Products.
Lighting projects around the Pool, Commercial, Landscape and your corporate lighting are in numbers, with each requiring different LED Lighting.

How you choose one from many option ?

If the project requires the use of bright light, you will need to go for a high density. This will give more light than the standard lighting.

Now you can conclude that we are best LED Lighting solution in australia.
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5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 common misconceptions about led lighting many people are facing.

As you know With many relative products in the market, there is bound to be some misinformation regarding that can influence or disturb our decisions.

so we are here discussing on misconceptions .

Five common misconceptions are :-

1. Too expensive – Doesn’t have an impact on overall costing 

This misconception rose from the fact that LED lighting products are sometime higher than regular fluorescent lights.

We can compensate that cost with their overall efficiency, and durability – delivering better value for money in the long term.

After using LED Nothing to worry about extra bill of electricity.

No need to replace on regular interval.

2.Lifespan – difference between ‘long life’ and ‘forever’  

LEDs have a much longer lifespan though, which is significantly longer than halogen, incandescent, and regular bulbs so, you have nothing to worry about how long your LED will Run.

But Nothing is permanent.

3.Heating – either gets very hot or no heat distribution  

While some says LEDs can get too hot, and other says that they don’t generate enough heat.

Unlike Outdated bulbs, it avoids overheating of the product  so it can function without any problems.

4.Not Environment-friendly

we know global warming is a serious problem of concern, Alpha LED Lighting is leaving no stone when creating a product that does not harm the environment.

Our LED proudly boasts of its highly vertically integrated setup that help us to deliver high value LED lighting solutions.

5.Lack of color options 

you can find lots of multi-colored LEDs seamlessly into your surrounding.

After understanding Five misconception about LED Lighting second question comes in your mind is from where buy best LED lighting.

Alpha Led Lighting are your One Stop Solution

  • One-stop Destination

Being one of the leading  LED lighting solutions in Australia, Alpha Led Lighting leaves no stone un turned to match every requirement of their customers. From commercial to residential and industrial to swimming Pool,

Alpha Led Lighting  has a range of verity of  designed LED lights that can cater to your lighting needs in all such areas.

  •  Constant Dedication is key to success

As you know Alpha Led Lighting  is one of the fastest growing LED lighting brands in Australia and our relentless dedication the key to this success.

So you can buy you best led lighting from Alpha LED Lighting.

The area where we provide these facility:-

1.For Corporate World

2.Commercial Led Lighting

3.Pool LED Lighting

4.Boat Signage Lighting

5.Landscape Lighting

I Hope all your doubts are cleared regarding “5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting“.

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Why we need LED Lighting?

Why we need LED Lighting?

LED are always Energy-Efficient Lights

By making the switch to energy-efficient lighting you will systematically cut your monthly energy costs means your chance to save money is very high.

We bring you the best High-Quality product at low budget as compared to other led light wholesalers and suppliers.

Why LED a Better option than Outdated Light?

If you compare regular lights with LED then you find that our LED Lighting are more efficient and power preserving.

You can even see the difference in term of  brightness of both the lights.

Nowadays LED bulbs are a more widespread.

 Benefits of LED lights:

  • First of all, LED are energy efficient and minimum percentage of power use. Therefore they are today one of the most widely preferred LED.
  • The lifespan of  LED lighting is more as compared to outdated lights so that you don’t need to replace it repeatedly.
  • You don’t have to compromise with the level of brightness .They give you proper satisfaction regarding brightness.
  • Cost saving – No Need of regular Maintenance or checkup.

So I hope you now understand We need LED Lights Because Regular/Outdated lights can increase your electricity bills lets have look.


How Alpha LED Light Up Your life?

We know As the nights draw in and days get shorter, we are noticing an increase demand in garden, commercial, corporate, pool lighting and home lighting requests.

Our Garden Lighting can add some incredible ambience to your home and outdoor areas.

We also specialized in providing you LED for commercial, corporate , and Landscape Purpose.

Many peoples those are living nearby Gold Coast & Brisbane, are well aware about Alpha LED Lighting Solutions we provide.

We are your trusted Partners & installation specialists of any lighting needs from Commercial, corporate, and Swimming Pool . We light up your life!

Now you can conclude benefits of LED Lights.


Area where Alphaledlighting

  1. Corporate Lighting.
  2. Pool Lighting
  3. Landscape and Lighting
  4. commercial-lighting


I hope now you understand why we need LED Lights?

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Alpha LED Lighting

LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia


LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia

We Are Best LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia.

Now Question is How you find your best LED Lighting on gold coast in australia?

Our Servicing And Installation Available In SE Queensland And Northern NSW.

What thing Makes Alpha the Best Led Lighting in Australia?

We always consider our customer feedback from market of our products.

It means we keep in mind our customer feedback

As a result of the unstoppable work in LED, we acquired good share in Australia on commercial, Corporate and residential facilities.

To ensure the capability of providing our customer a high quality products, we introduced advanced quality control and modern management concept in our Company.

which helps us to provide the best light pleasure with our unique design for our lovely customers.

We Alpha Led delivers our lighting products to many residential villas, Hotels, shopping malls, society, Swimming pool and other properties.

We are proud of that our company has won good reputation among our business partners due to our high quality products as well as our service.

Alpha LED Lighting will dedicate to explore quality values of the LED with infinite potential and create an eco-friendly & people-friendly lighting environment for a new age.

What we Offer?

Alpha LED Lighting offers LED lighting solutions for

Commercial  lighting, landscape lighting, pool lighting, signage for domestic,   boat lighting and commercial and corporate businesses, using high quality products, manufactured to Australian standards

Many customer  from  Gold Coast, Brisbane and other part Australia , are well aware of the New Lighting Solutions we provide.

We are your trusted suppliers & installation specialists of any lighting needs for commercial, corporate , Pool or Garden. We light up your life!

Corporate, commercial and Pool Lighting

Our Skill can install lighting for any corporate, commercial area including your front and back , veranda and swimming pool.

LED Lighting Installations

LED lights are energy efficient, long lasting and provide more back up in term of money saving as compared to old one.

I hope you understand the thing that Makes Alpha Best Led Lighting in australia.

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How Our LED Lighting Impress Others

How Our LED Lighting impress others?

First question comes in your mind is how our LED lighting impress other.

Alpha LED

We Inspired by quality and our journey started with the passion for providing superior quality within the client’s budget.


how Our LED impress other?

Our plan is to impress other

We want you to Impress your customers with a grand entrance.

Means we can manage many things regarding your business.

We manage energy audits and ensure the design, manufacture and installation of LED Compliance lighting for your commercial property.

Even If you are considering upgrading your business signs Alpha LED Lighting can help with innovative design products.

We know the value of satisfactory clients and for that we work hard.

Our skilled engineers are there for you with the innovative designs.

For Commercial clients we have various choices including LED lighting in receptions,  office led lighting, impressive night lighting on building facades and outdoor LED lights to illuminate landscaping features.

How we impress other by LED Lighting Solution?

  1. We are Best in LED Lights for corporate, commercial and pool
  2. We have different range of led lights available according to your need in Australia.
  3. Alpha LED Lighting are leading distributor of the premium LED lights under your Budget.
  4. Our attractive design increase your presence in front of your customer.
  5. Alpha  LED lights offer speak performance, quick operation and is easy to install.
  6. We Alpha LED know that if your customer or business person are happy with environment then this will increase chances of better results.
  7. Alpha LED Lighting are designed to impress.
  8. By using Modern LED Lighting you can make profit.

As you modern led lighting is important  for commercial and corporate.

  • First of all Modern LED lights are energy efficient
  • LED lights are 10 times cheaper according to survey then halogen lamp.
  • It is easy to install

So you can save your time and money at the same time.

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So what you are waiting for come and join us .

I hope now you can conclude that yes our led lighting impress others.