Our Customers’ Pools and Reviews

Alpha LED has installed LED lights in many types of pools, spas and water features. We can provide solutions for your pool lighting dilemma, even if you have been told there is no fix!

Our own LED pool lights provide high quality brightness, energy efficiency and cost savings, along with leakproof technology. In most cases, we do not have to waste time and money emptying the pool of water.

We can supply and install:

  • replacement lights
  • retrofit lights from halogen and conventional pool lights to LED
  • Wired lights in new or existing pools
  • Multi-coloured lights pre-programmed with 16 mood lighting settings, operated via a switch or remote controller
  • Solar pool lights for pools without lights that have good sun coverage throughout the day

A dark pool is a health and safety hazard so all lighting improvements can not only benefit your own serenity, health and well being but it also could save a life. All Alpha LED electrical works, over 12 volts, are carried out by our fully qualified and licensed electricians.  Our products and parts comply to Australian standards.

See our Landscape Lighting gallery for inspiration to further enhance and illuminate your pool area, garden or driveway.

Here are some of the many images of pools, water features and spas following lighting installations by Alpha LED, in many cases, with our customers’ reviews. More reviews and images can be found on our Pool Lights Facebook page or Google.

Customers required full color DMX control for all their garden and pool lighting. Alpha LED Lighting supplied and installed:

  • 4 wire RGB pool lights
  • An LED Neon RGB strip for the water feature, IP68 rating
  • Garden lights all 12-volt Aqualux high quality specification
  • LED weatherproof strip for the Gazebo


Our signature image as seen on our Alpha LED Pool Lights

August 2018, Brisbane

Removed three (3) original Halogen pool lights and replaced with just one (1) of our new 55 watt RGB pool lights. Provides the whole pool illumination at a third of the cost. Walls were also patched and dummy fittings used on the side walls so the pool had uniformity.


“Thank you for transforming our pool area into an amazing light show after dark. I highly recommend Alpha LED Lighting. They provide excellent service and knowledge of how to achieve that wow factor!”

CH via Google My Business Jan 2020

LED pool light conversion offering an instant WOW factor using customer’s existing 12-volt AC Transformer all compatible with our specially designed pool lights.

Only one (1) full multi-coloured, high output light installed.


“Thank you for transforming our pool area into an amazing light show after dark. I highly recommend Alpha LED Lighting. They provide excellent service and knowledge of how to achieve that wow factor!”

CH via Google My Business Feb 2020

As this light was not switched from the house, Alpha LED Lighting provided a full LED conversion pool light and remote control so the customer can now change light themes via the RF transmitter. The pool now has party and ambience modes at the click of the remote.

Remotes can also hook into garden lighting ask us how.


“Loving our new pool light with 16 different settings including fades, party mode and a remote control.

Fantastic service by Daryl, efficient and cost effective.

Highly recommend Alpha LED Pool Lights 🤩🤩🤩”

AC & JC Facebook 15/09/2020

This pool had not had lights working for 6+ years. Alpha LED Lighting undertook a same-day LED conversion to full RGB and retrofitted into the old niche fittings in the pool wall, Set-up full remote control functionality so the customer had full control of this oasis with a resort-themed setting.


“Fantastic work, made my pool so much brighter at a great price. Thanks Alpha LED pool lights”

AN via Facebook 13/09/2020

The customer’s pool had no light. Alpha LED Lighting installed new lighting without draining any water from the pool and without any drilling. Full RGB with remote control. The customer now uses their pool area every night as it has totally transformed their backyard as there was no illuminated before.

The children absolutely love the new mood lighting.


“Here’s the light you did for me this afternoon. Looks incredible at night. Thanks again for a fantastic job.”

AT via Facebook 21/02/2020

Retrofitted the older fittings with our unique LED high output RGB insert lights, with multi mood lighting options. No draining of the pool was required.


“Daryl was very responsive and changed my 2 failed lights quickly and very cost effectively. The brightness of the new lights is at least twice brighter than the originals that were only 3 years old. Great transitions and patters. Daryl coming back to do deck lighting and LED highlights on some plants. Looking forward to a whole new look. Highly recommend”.

DR Facebook 07/05/2020

Customer wanted a backyard make-over so the pool area looked like a resort.  That is exactly what Alpha LED delivered. Customer loves the RGB colour changing which is on a remote switching system. No water was drained and Alpha’s slimline series RGB pool lights were installed to the poly optic conversion.


This was an image we posted on Facebook Market Place in November 2019 and generated so many new customers, it was incredible! Alpha LED

On site manager was struggling with the pool lights. A full RGB conversion was installed and the manager is able to program the pool lights to community lighting scenes such as Green for St Patrick’s day etc, with timer.

Alpha LED Lighting’s leakproof lights eliminated maintenance ensuring the hotel were able to continue to upheld their 4.5 star rating for their customers.


Mantra Legends, Surfers Paradise.
October 2016

Customer wanted pool lighting with a backdrop of landscape LED lighting.


“Loving our new pool and garden lights from Alpha LED lights. Great service and communication from Daryl. Highly recommend!”

SK via Facebook 15/09/2020

Customer did not have a pool light. Within two hours, Alpha LED had installed a high output RGW pool light, fully remote controlled. No holes drilled or water drained for the installation.

This service is available to anyone that does not have a pool light. Alpha LED Lighting has a very good success rate with this. Please call to book a quote or assessment.


“Excellent service and great product. Nothing was a hassle and pictures speak for themselves”.

SE via Facebook 22/09/2020

Replacement of a single colour light to a high output, multi-coloured light.


“This come up perfect so happy with the result, the last light was poor and didn’t give out much light but this gives out a large amount of light with 16 different settings with fades the kids can’t wait for those hot summer nights highly recommend Alapha LED pool lights all the pool shops I spoke to had to drain half the pool but this was easy and a great result 👌👍😀highly recommend”.

BS via Facebook 30/08/2020

Replaced faulty pool light and upgraded to RGB 16 mood lighting settings with remote RF switching.


“Thank you for an awesome job Daryl! The lights are so bright, the pool looks incredible. Great communication, very friendly and efficient, a pleasure to work with. Way cheaper than the pool shop and a far superior product. Cheers!”

DW via Facebook 10/04/2020

Specialised water feature lighting. Alpha LED Lighting is the preferred installer and supplier for Aqualux LED landscape lighting. We use their high-quality range across all our water features and specialized projects.


See our Corporate Lighting page (link) for other examples of our specialist projects with Aqualux Lighting


“Excellent service and amazing turnaround time with next day installation!

Very reasonably priced and our new pool light completely transformed this outdoor space.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alpha if you need to upgrade! :


JT via Facebook 22/02/2021


“Darryl came and replaced existing non working lights, was fast efficient and very cost effective.

Really pleased and would definitely recommend Darryl and Alpha Pool lights.

Thank you!”

DR via Facebook 08/09/2020


“Did awesome lighting at my place. Loving my backyard. Brighten up my whole backyard.”

RJ via Facebook 22/06/2020


“Loving our new pool and garden lights from Alpha LED lights. Great service and communication from Daryl. Highly recommend!”

SK via Facebook 15/09/2020


“We rang Daryl to help us out with our pool lights. Daryl offered us a solution for our pool lights that had never worked. Daryl arrived on time and discussed the whole job and installed two new led pool lights. We couldn’t wait till it got dark to try them out. We were so excited about what Daryl had achieved giving us an amazing lighting solution for our swimming pool. The led lights not only light up our pool but also the landscaped gardens surrounding the pool. We can’t thank you enough Daryl for what you have achieved. We would recommend Daryl for all your pool lighting solutions. Great job Daryl. 👌🏻”

TC via Facebook 26/03/2021

Customer wanted pool lighting with a backdrop of landscape LED lighting.


“Loving our new pool and garden lights from Alpha LED lights. Great service and communication from Daryl. Highly recommend!”

SK via Facebook 15/09/2020

Some of our Lighting Products

Slimline pool lights are ideal for retrofitting of fibreglass and vinyl-lined pools. Available in RGB, Blue or white

LED slimline series 100 mm diameter x 8 mm depth. Great for low profile installations such as ponds or water features.

Alpha LED Lighting’s pool / spa insert lights which can replace all other makes and models.

Alpha LED Lighting’s retrofit bracket. This is templated for all existing Australian pool lights.

The old bracket is removed. This bracket will line up to the original screw holes on the pool wall, making it simple to retrofit pool lights.

Facebook pool lighting image 8

18 and 55 watt, high output leakproof pool lights. Retrofit brackets are available (see previous image) to suit all makes and models which enables quick changeover conversions, without draining the pool. 

PL-Prod-05 Alpha LED Solar Lights - 1024 x 684

Solar power, high-quality light. This is an instant solution for your pool if you have cable issues or no existing pool light.

Only available in Blue or White LED. Pool must be in full sunlight during the day. One hour of sunlight = one hour of lighting at night.


Slim lights retrofitted to the niche wall fittings and greater control with light synchronization

The customer had issues with failed lights and poor synchronization. The pool originally had 6 lights. Alpha LED Lighting only upgraded 3 as our specially designed beam angle offers an even pool illumination, with no hotspots.

Alpha LED Lighting provided a poly optics retrofit with our Slim series RGB pool lights. We offered a new LED powered set up with existing wiring retrofitted our slim lights to the niche wall fittings.

Any similar retrofits can be completed. Please call us to discuss. There are no jobs that beat us – we always find solutions.

55 watt pool light retrofit conversion (x 3) and solar candles installation

Customer required high output pool lights so we installed the 55 watt lights which is higher than necessary however this customer required the extreme high output. The old halogen lights were retrofitted and the existing transformers were re-used as they were 12 volts AC compatible. A remote control system was also installed which provided the 16 colour scenes, with various mood lighting options. Solar light candle flames were installed in the old gas rods to provide more atmosphere at night.