About us


Why do We do what we do ?

Alpha LED Lighting has been in business on the Gold Coast for 16 years. Our success is attributed to the expertise and a passion for sourcing premium LED lighting products, that stands the test of time, and understanding our clients’ requirements.

Specialist Lighting Projects

We manufacture and install bespoke designed LED feature lighting and signage for many large companies such as McDonalds, Zupp Property Group, Mantra Hotels, RACV Royal Pines Resort, Sheraton on the Gold Coast and many more. We also fabricate and manufacture custom boat signage.

LED Pool Lighting for New and Existing Swimming Pools, Spas or Water Features

We also install new and retrofit LED pool lights in any swimming pool, spa or underwater water feature and provide landscape garden lighting make-overs to allow serenity and ambience to water features, pools and spa. We can offer a solution to pool owners who do not already have any pool lights. Most installations do not require us to empty the pool of water saving time and money for you.

We manufacture a leakproof technology solution that offers outstanding results and a fantastic return on investment. We continue to thrive in our industry, taking on the market leaders as competitors whilst often fixing and replacing products that simply don’t last.

Our point of difference in the pool industry is that we offer leakproof technology so products are designed to last. High output and high brightness to give our customers a RESORT look and WOW factor results.

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Our pool lights can also be purchased from www.alphaledpoollights.com.au for installation by your own electrician.


Our premium LED lighting offers up to 90% energy savings, longevity – our products need virtually no maintenance for five-plus years – and of course they look great, a major WOW factor!


We also offer specialist services such as the underwater installation of LED pool lights, which means you can update the look of your garden without draining your pool.

Saving Money

LED lighting offers clean energy advantages, including saving money and sensational returns on investment, is aesthetically pleasing and can be operated remotely.

Our Beautiful LED lights

We are happy to help our clients choose colours to suit moods, themes and business requirements. Our beautiful LED Lighting is a welcome addition to enhance the ambiance & add value to your property.

Our Clients