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5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 common misconceptions about led lighting many people are facing.

As you know With many relative products in the market, there is bound to be some misinformation regarding that can influence or disturb our decisions.

so we are here discussing on misconceptions .

Five common misconceptions are :-

1. Too expensive – Doesn’t have an impact on overall costing 

This misconception rose from the fact that LED lighting products are sometime higher than regular fluorescent lights.

We can compensate that cost with their overall efficiency, and durability – delivering better value for money in the long term.

After using LED Nothing to worry about extra bill of electricity.

No need to replace on regular interval.

2.Lifespan – difference between ‘long life’ and ‘forever’  

LEDs have a much longer lifespan though, which is significantly longer than halogen, incandescent, and regular bulbs so, you have nothing to worry about how long your LED will Run.

But Nothing is permanent.

3.Heating – either gets very hot or no heat distribution  

While some says LEDs can get too hot, and other says that they don’t generate enough heat.

Unlike Outdated bulbs, it avoids overheating of the product  so it can function without any problems.

4.Not Environment-friendly

we know global warming is a serious problem of concern, Alpha LED Lighting is leaving no stone when creating a product that does not harm the environment.

Our LED proudly boasts of its highly vertically integrated setup that help us to deliver high value LED lighting solutions.

5.Lack of color options 

you can find lots of multi-colored LEDs seamlessly into your surrounding.

After understanding Five misconception about LED Lighting second question comes in your mind is from where buy best LED lighting.

Alpha Led Lighting are your One Stop Solution

  • One-stop Destination

Being one of the leading  LED lighting solutions in Australia, Alpha Led Lighting leaves no stone un turned to match every requirement of their customers. From commercial to residential and industrial to swimming Pool,

Alpha Led Lighting  has a range of verity of  designed LED lights that can cater to your lighting needs in all such areas.

  •  Constant Dedication is key to success

As you know Alpha Led Lighting  is one of the fastest growing LED lighting brands in Australia and our relentless dedication the key to this success.

So you can buy you best led lighting from Alpha LED Lighting.

The area where we provide these facility:-

1.For Corporate World

2.Commercial Led Lighting

3.Pool LED Lighting

4.Boat Signage Lighting

5.Landscape Lighting

I Hope all your doubts are cleared regarding “5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting“.

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