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Why We Need Environmental Friendly LED Bulbs

Why We Need Environmental Friendly LED Bulbs?

As you know lighting we use plays a important role in our society so we need such technology which help to make environmental friendly LED Bulbs.

Thankfully, we have a option LED Bulbs  it mean that we can all do something to help the environment at the same time.

What Advantages LED gives you over incandescent and CFLs bulbs?

LED technology not only bring down you bills but are also more environmental friendly

as compared to incandescent/halogen and CFL bulbs.

LED bulbs causes less harm to your environment than the other two options.

According to research Incandescent Bulbs take more Watts then CFL but CFL Take more LED Bulbs .

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs consume less power per unit of light emitted. Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs are comparatively very low than other alternatives.

The energy utilization of an LED bulbs is about 25-30 times lower than corresponding incandescent bulb.

LEDs generate less heat during working and so cooling costs are comparatively lower. Incandescent bulbs release More percent of the energy as heat then LED.

It is very clear that LEDs are a big advantage over incandescent bulbs, but what about when we compared to CFLs.

Lets have a look Major difference between CFL and LED:-

Major difference between CFL and LED bulbs?

  1. CFL bulb consumes More power as compared to LED.
  2. The life of an CFL bulb is usually Less than LED.
  3. Sometime LED bulbs are expensive as compared to CFL bulbs.
  4. The primary difference between the CFL and LED bulb is that LED bulbs are more durable and work for long life.
  5. Size of CFL bulb is mostly bigger than a LED bulb.
  6. The weight of CFL bulb is more than LED bulbs.

The two biggest environment friendly advantages of LED are origin from its low energy consumption and long life working ability.

On the other side incandescent and CFL Bulbs, are working on high energy consumption.

Because of LED lights we do not need to replace it again and again at the end we need fewer led Lights.

But the biggest obstacle is to adopt of this green environment friendly lighting technology is the initial installation cost.

Yes LED bulbs are much costly than other options, but an LED lights that lasts for many years so it will repays its cost in few years.

We think you now understand “why we need environmental friendly Bulbs”.

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