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Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting

Alpha LED Swimming pool lighting has come along with modern technology .

What Are The Different Types Of Swimming Pool Lighting?

There are mainly two types of lighting that are used in around swimming pools

As you know Regular light bulbs used large amounts of energy, so they were not good for the environment. They need replacement on regular intervals, which could be a difficult job in a swimming pool.

Now what is the Difference between Halogen and LED ?

LED lights are much better than halogen lights by various reasons.

Temperature they produced

The biggest factor separating these two options is certain amount of  heat emission.

In term of temperatures, halogen lights may be dangerous and cause burns if touched

An LED emits 10% of their energy in heat,  so this make them more efficient and cool to touch

Life of LED lights is much longer than halogen bulbs — more than 40 times longer.

Why Cost not effect so much?

Because LEDs cost is more per unit, but the overall lifespan of LEDs means that you’ll buy fewer LEDs than you will halogen bulbs

Sometime LED light is about 25-50 times longer.

IN Longer term users of LED will save money on the amount of replacements that need to be purchased.

Power Consumption makes LED Far better then Halogen

An average LED light use 8 watts of power, while halogen lights average about 90 watts. That’s more than 11-12X as much! LED lights are environmentally friendly!

For these reasons, LED lighting has now become the standard for new swimming pool in australia


One of the main advantage of modern LED swimming pool lighting is the number of choices are available.

As you know white LED lights are pure white, so even at night, the colour of your swimming pool will look same as its daytime appearance.

Alternatively, you can choose a blue, red and green LED lighting system. These three colours can be combination can produce pool lighting in any colour .

This can be a extremely effective feature for evening time pool parties, helping to create an extra joyful atmosphere.


Another fine feature of Alpha LED pool lighting is its level of practicality. Our Modern swimming pool lighting systems are easily programmable, so you can set them to turn on and off at any time you need.

This will cut down even further on energy wastage, saving you more money on your household bills.

How Many Lights Do You Need for swimming pool?

This really depends three factors:

  • shape and size need to be check for your swimming pool lights.
  • The design and color effects you want to achieve.
  • The amount of light in the area around by your pool

Obviously, a large pool would require Additional lights than a smaller pool.

You should think about the shape of pool when you are planning for pool lighting.

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