Solar LED solutions for off the grid & hard to get 240-volt power to places

Here in suburbia we really do take electricity for granted.  We flick a light switch, turn on a power point and presto, we have power!  For some this option is simply not available, but how do we provide a lighting and energy solution for off the grid and the hard to reach power to places?

Solar LED lights offer a solution for areas that physically can’t have electricity or the cost of getting electricity installed is prohibitive. Alpha LED Lighting have been providing a range of LED lighting solutions for many years in pool lighting, landscape lighting, LED sign lighting and custom LED lighting.

We design, manufacture and install LED lights so we are the leaders in LED technology on the Gold Coast. Here, we outline some applications for solar LED lights that may just provide an alternative to main stream electricity installation issues:

  • Off grid homes or businesses
  • Cabins
  • Camping areas
  • Caravans
  • Remote and rural homes or businesses
  • Community centres in rural areas
  • Parks and sports fields in rural areas
  • Flood prone areas

Solar LED lighting also provides and environmentally friendly, “green” option to normal indoor and outdoor lighting. Highly cost efficient and lasting longer, solar LED lights are a much cheaper option to run than using the electricity provided from your electricity provider.

Even if you have an area in your suburban back yard that is difficult to run mains power to like pathways, pools and sheds but you want the area illuminated, consider cost effective solar LED lighting.

To discuss a custom solar LED lighting solution to your home or business, call the LED lighting experts, Alpha LED Lighting. No job is too big or small for us!