Premium LED Pool Lights

Alpha LED Lighting supplies high-end pool lights incorporating the latest technology /Streamlined design to make your pool look cool and inviting night and day. Our products adhere to Australian Safety standards, and we use qualified electrical trades for our installations. . We also offer plug & play connectivity options on many of our product ranges

We all know how scarce water can be in and around the Australia . One of the major advantages offered by Alpha LED Lighting is our ability to retro-fit our sleek, modern LED pool lights without draining your pool.

The Advantages of LED Pool Lights

More Light, Less Heat

LED pool lights have transformed the design and installation of pool lighting. Pure, high brightness diodes  that illuminate more efficiently than halogen lights, using less than half of the energy consumption per year.

LED pool lights do not produce light in the same way as halogens. The heat they emit is generated in a particular direction which means they are designed with heat absorbers called  , or ‘heat sinks,' to remove heat and prevent burn-out or early decay of the diode chipset

This means that LED lights will slowly dim over many years of use, but practically speaking, they will probably outlast other components of the lighting system.

Greater Choice

LED pool lights come in a variety of colours and fittings, which can be pre-programmed and controlled by smartphone apps or touch-pad interface remotes. This gives you unprecedented control over the ambience of your pool – you can change the lighting to suit parties, intimate dinners or relaxing with the family.

The underwater wavelength of LED pool lights vary depending on their colour, therefore

It is important to have coloured LED pool lights fitted by a trained professional for aesthetic reasons. & longevity , We believe premium product & premium installer

Cost Effective

LED pool lights are far more economical than halogens. LED’s are three to five times more efficient than a halogen light, with a 20-watt LED pool light able to emit the equivalent light of a 100-watt halogen bulb. You can expect annual energy savings of up to 80-90%. Modern premium LED pool lights also require less maintenance and replacement than halogen bulbs, saving you even more money over the lifetime of the product.  Our resin sealed light luminaires offer many years of trouble free underwater operating hours

Installing LED Pool Lights

We do not recommend DIY installation of LED pool lights. We recommend a trained electrical professional to  perform work on water equipment due to safety regulations. All of our LED pool lights are Australian Safety standards compliant and we offer safe, professional installation to ensure you get the best LED Pool lighting designed to suit your requirements.

Alpha LED Lighting ticks all of the boxes:

  • Safety – we use premium products that meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards
  • Savings – enjoy massive savings over the lifetime of our premium products
  • Stunning effects – get real aesthetic appeal with a modern twist light shows & programmed scenes are quite amazing offering MOOD LIGHTING for whatever the mood takes you, Relax in your own Oasis of colour
  • Service – our experienced team can design, manufacture and install to your specs

Are you building a new pool? Perhaps you want to retrofit an existing pool? Call today to discuss your LED pool lighting. We ship Australia-wide from our online store, or we can visit properties in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area for obligation-free quotes.

Showcase your Business with Alpha LED Lighting

We understand the savings and benefits of LED lighting, and we know how to make your business premises stand out and add brilliance to your business signage with custom LED lighting design. We specialise in quality LED lighting products that are cost-effective, durable and long-lasting.

We manufacture and install:

  • LED lighting – our LED lighting is designed to impress
  • Compliance LED lighting – Don’t risk your business with dodgy imports
  • LED Sign lighting – let your business name shine bright with an LED Sign
  • Outdoor LED lighting – highlight the architectural beauty of your commercial premises

Alpha LED Lighting on the Gold Coast is dedicated supplying and installing complete business solutions that offer savings and long-term durability. We have in-depth experience manufacturing and installing high-end LED products so contact us today to discuss your business lighting requirement.

We ship Australia-wide: you don’t have to be based on the Gold Coast to ask for advice on a project, so why not give us a call today and find out what we have to offer.

Alpha LED Lighting has a thorough understanding of the savings and benefits that accrue when businesses install LED lights in offices, showrooms, factories, storage facilities and on business facades. As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium LED lighting solutions Alpha LED Lighting has built strong business relationships with vendors, electricians, councils and large hotel, food and resort chains. Our success hinges on quality products and workmanship and the flexibility to supply and install fully compliant LED lighting solutions for new and retro commercial projects of all sizes and styles.

Take Advantage of the Alpha LED Energy Audit

Alpha LED Lighting services also include business energy usage audits. Request an audit today and we will use your data to demonstrate the following benefits of LED lighting technology:

  • Savings – LED lighting offers business energy savings of up to 90% and requires very little maintenance
  • Aesthetic Appeal – with a variety of colours and pre-programmable patterns available, LED lighting can turn your commercial premises into a showcase for your business brand
  • Peace of Mind – our LED Compliance lighting is covered by extensive warranties and our quality workmanship provides long-term, low maintenance LED lighting solutions for your business.
  • Compliance Safeguards the Consumer - All of our LED compliance lighting meets approved electrical safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements, Fire safety standards.

We all understand the impact reducing energy consumption has on profits and the company carbon footprint, so it is no surprise that energy savings are a big priority these days. Take advantage of our ENERGY AUDIT SERVICE and we will come to your premises and complete an evaluation of your current business energy use versus the projected savings with LED conversions. As a general rule, we find that LED lighting offers up to 90% in energy savings over a twelve month period, and in most cases, choosing specific lighting options with dimmable capabilities and timer-switching offers even greater energy savings over the same period. There are remote options available which mean you can reduce or increase lighting according to need, without visiting the premises. Latest microwave proximity switching offers additional energy savings.

Impress your customers with a grand entrance and tastefully lit reception and wow them when the lights come on at night with the help of the expert team at Alpha LED Lighting. We can manage your energy audits and ensure the design, manufacture and installation of LED Compliance lighting for your commercial property meets the current and future requirements of your business. We invite you to read testimonials from our satisfied customers, including Hungry Jacks, Royal Pines Resort, and Zupp Property and browse our gallery to discover what is possible with LED lighting and how it can be done. If you want to know more about LED technology take a look at our FAQ page or sign up to our blog for best and brightest in LED Compliance lighting.

If you want the best possible LED Lighting solution ,call today for an obligation-free quote.

Add WOW to your home with Alpha LED Lighting

Alpha LED Lighting on the Gold Coast has quality LED Lighting solutions for all areas of your home.  We specialise in quality LED lighting products that are designed to remain as brilliant and cost-effective as the day they were installed for many years.

We manufacture and install:

  • Custom LED lighting – we design lighting to suit the style of your home
  • Landscape LED lighting – add depth and colour to your outdoor areas
  • Pool LED lighting – Market leading solutions for all your underwater options
  • Indoor LED lighting – change the mood; brighten dark areas; add individual flair

The team at Alpha LED Lighting is passionate about supplying and installing quality products that will enhance the value and beauty of your home. Contact us today to discuss your lighting project – we are happy to help.

We ship Australia-wide, so you don’t have to live on the Gold Coast to enjoy our quality LED deck lights, LED flood lights, LED pool lights. Buy online today or give us a call if you cannot find what you need.

Choose Eco-Friendly LED Signs

Don’t let your business profile dim to insignificance when you can choose an LED lighting solution that will save you time and money. The future is now with LED technology fast overtaking traditional fluorescent and neon lighting for signs and external message boards Our Signage LED lighting boasts exceptional energy savings and vibrant colours with enough brightness to light signs of any size.


Alpha LED Lighting uses advanced LED technology to manufacture LED sign lighting that offers higher lumen output, lower energy usage and extended product lifetimes without compromising safety. The experienced team at Alpha LED Lighting are qualified to manufacture and install LED sign lights and can also perform an Energy Audit on your existing signage and recommend the best solution for your future lighting requirements. Our analysis suggests that a switch to LED Sign lights will achieve increased safety, a rapid return on investment with up to 90% in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs for the average business.


If you are considering upgrading your business signs or designing a new logo, Alpha LED Lighting can help with innovative products, creative design solutions and professional installation backed by solid warranties. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure your LED Signage shines like a beacon in the night, and we can also incorporate your sign LED lighting into an overall lighting solution for your premises. An excellent example of this type of solution is our project for Zupp Place Building located on Marine Parade Southport on the Gold Coast Australia, An impressive after-dark showcase for the company that incorporates Madrix DMX  controlled LED strip and wall washer options. Showcasing projection of a high rise commercial building.


We source and manufacture premium LED components for displays, bespoke signs, back-lit graphics and wall washes. Our products include modules, strip lights, Solid state LED designs  and fixtures, wall washers, up-lighters, remote touchpad lighting controls and more.

The team at Alpha LED Lighting has over thirteen years of experience, and our success is based on creative solutions, attention to detail and professional service and knowledge. We have many return customers due to our high level of customer service, and we take this opportunity to show you the testimonials we have received.

Find out more about the way we manufacture and install LED signage, conduct energy audits and source the very best products in our FAQ section and sign up to our blog for the latest on LED technology and its applications.

The team at Alpha LED Lighting has the expertise, knowledge and commitment you need to ensure you get an LED Sign lighting solution that will grow with your business and remain as fresh as the day of installation. If you are new to LED lighting, we have many examples in our gallery to excite and inspire.

Alpha LED Lighting has a convenient online store with shipping Australia-wide for customers who cannot visit us on the Gold Coast, so why not call today for an obligation-free quote.

When it comes to Custom LED lighting, there is no limit to the Creativity of Alpha led 7 the team. LED lights can be used to enhance your home or business. From Grand entrances to fish tanks or moonlighting in treetops to up lighting on stone walls, Alpha LED Lighting designs, manufactures and installs LED solutions that will save you up to 90% on energy bills and give your property a real WOW factor.

Domestic and Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Alpha LED Lighting can design and manufacture bespoke lighting for all types of Domestic Business / Commercial applications.

  • Landscape LED Lighting – We can illuminate sculptures, water features, plants and trees, paths, pergolas and decks to make your home or business premises look just brilliant at night, If you can imagine it we can illuminate it!.
  • Outdoor LED Lighting – forget harsh bulbs over doorways or regimented path lighting that looks like an airport runway! Our designs incorporate form and function which means your outdoor areas will be safely lit and still look attractive and inviting
  • Compliance LED Lighting – Save money on energy and make your business premises stand out Premium Compliance LED lighting in a variety of Designs with award winning functions. We design & distribute bespoke premium product ranges to keep your business compliant & offer full security features.
  • Signs LED Lighting – using brightly coloured LED signs with creative designs and logos will ensure your business stays forward and centre in the minds of potential clients, Create a memory hook for the public , Designers & installers of some Iconic sign creations the team @ Alpha will help you have a distinct point of difference & GET YOU NOTICED!,
  • Pool LED Lighting – don’t settle for halogen lights when you can have long-lasting, energy efficient LED’s installed without draining your pool. LED lights not only use less energy, but they also require far less maintenance, making them the very best choice for your pool. With Alpha`s 13 year development in underwater lighting we can offer the best warranties based on the proven reliability of our underwater product ranges.

Custom LED lighting can be tailored to suit the mood and style of any premises. Domestic clients may choose LED lighting to make the entrance to homes look grand or inviting; to highlight fish tanks, pools, spas and outdoor living area, or to make the most of the architectural strengths of a house.

Commercial clients have various choices including soft LED lighting in receptions, dimmable office lighting, impressive night lighting on building facades and outdoor LED lights to illuminate landscaping features.

Alpha LED Lighting has many satisfied customers, including McDonalds, Mantra Group and Royal Pines Resort, Sheraton Mirage , Zupp property group  and we invite you to read the testimonials we have received. If you want to know more about our manufacturing and installation process, energy audits or warranties, please read our FAQ.

Sign up to our blog to find out more about the durability and energy efficiency of LED lighting and browse our gallery to discover what is possible with LED lighting and how it can be done.

The team at Alpha LED Lighting has the expertise, knowledge and commitment you need to ensure you get the very best LED Lighting solution at the best possible price. We also have a convenient online store shipping Australia-wide for customers who cannot visit us on the Gold Coast, so why not call today for an obligation-free quote.