Light up the Night with LED Outdoor Lights

Modern LED lights and the team at Alpha LED Lighting make it easier than ever for your home to shine with brilliant individuality. Alpha LED Lighting incorporates the latest technology and streamlined design to manufacturing outdoor LED lighting solutions that will get your home noticed for all of the right reasons. Our products are outdoor-rated with generous warranty terms and are Australian Safety standards compliant.

Catch the Eye with LED Outdoor Lights

LED outdoor lights give you an energy-efficient opportunity to transform your home or business premises at night. Your property will become a showcase of light and colour that makes people look twice and gets your business name noticed. The team at Alpha LED Lighting are experienced designers who understand how to create silhouettes, shadows, and projected theming with outdoor lighting solutions with creativity

LED Lights - Gold Coast - Outdoor Tree Led Lighting
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Outdoor Purple Lighting

LED Outdoor lights the way

LED outdoor lights along paths and decks and in doorways help visitors navigate outdoor areas safely, but that does not mean they should look boring! You can have safety and sleek modern design with LED outdoor lighting, so don’t miss the opportunity to include form and function in your outdoor lighting.

Safety, Security, and Savings

Lights are vital to protecting your business premises at night, but the costs of illuminating large facilities can be prohibitive. LED Outdoor lighting offers the same level of security and safety to employees and visitors with the bonus of hefty energy savings. Outdoor LED lighting provides a variety of colours and patterns that can be controlled remotely, which means your business premises can function as a showcase for your brand.

We stock premium LED outdoor lights and have the expertise and knowledge required to provide a complete design, manufacture and installation service for our valued customers. Read through testimonials from our satisfied clients, or take a look at our gallery to discover the possibilities of LED lights. We ship Australia-wide from our online store, and we are more than happy to visit properties in the Gold Coast area for obligation-free quotes.

If you want to upgrade your home outdoor lighting, or feel it is time to overhaul your tired business premises, give us a call today.

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