LED Lights. Securing your home and business premises

Protecting your home and business from thieves is now easier than you think with innovative LED lighting technology available from Alpha LED Lighting. We have a wide range of LED lighting options to choose from. LED or solar LED, Alpha LED Lighting security lights provide the ultimate choice in protecting your home or business from robbery.

Alpha LED Lighting on the Gold Coast, design, manufacture and install a range of high quality LED products that are rated to Australian standards.

Here, we share with our readers the options available in LED security lighting.


Solar LED security lighting is viable alternative over electrically wired security lights to secure your Gold Coast home or business. These benefits include:

Instant security

Alpha LED Lighting can install solar powered LED security lighting to your home or business that provides you with instant security lighting. Our solar LED lights charge during the sunlight hours and provide safe, energy efficient illumination after sunset and throughout the night.

Motion detected

Our solar LED products have an inbuilt motion detector with a large detection area, triggering the lights to come on when movement is detected. Perfect for deterring thieves!

Wire free

Alpha LED Lighting’s solar LED lighting solutions require no wiring! Our high performance, durable units require no electrical wiring to function, just a simple fit to your premises.


Lights are vital to protecting your home and business at night, but leaving them on all night can lead to hefty energy bills.

LED lights are the perfect, low cost solution for illuminating homes and businesses, to deter trespassers and thieves from your premises throughout the night.


Low energy, cost efficient LED’s offer longer life and are safer than traditional lighting methods. LED’s emit less UV radiation, are cool to touch and less likely to start a fire.


Alpha LED Lighting’s LED lights are programmable and can be accessed remotely on your smart phone. You can secure your property at the times you prefer throughout the night, and you have the ability to turn the lights off and on as you wish.


LED lights offer significant savings for homeowners and business owners who wish to illuminate their premises for extended periods. Using up to 85% less electricity, the highly energy efficient LED’s are vastly superior over traditional halogen and fluorescent lights of the past.


Not only do LED lights save you money whilst providing security for your premises they can also add dramatic street appeal. Alpha LED Lighting’s LED lights are available in a variety of colours, so you can showcase your business premises whilst keeping it safe.

Alpha LED Lighting have been helping Gold Coast business owners get their businesses noticed with customised LED sign solutions for over 13 years! Whether your LED choice is for your security lighting, Alpha LED Lighting have got it covered.

For a LED lighting solution that is manufactured to Australian Standards and one that will save your business both time and money, call Alpha LED Lighting today on 0422 272 003.