Make the most of your outdoor space at night and add depth and colour with LED landscape lights. Landscape LED lights can highlight sculptures, water features and other key objects in your garden. If you are the kind of person who likes to change your environment to suit the occasion, you can change colours, intensity of light and patterns with touchpad technology and use remote timer technology to light your home and garden no matter where you happen to be.

LED Lights - Gold Coast - Landscape Blue Led Lighting
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Landscape Led Lighting

Alpha LED Lighting has Landscape LED lighting solutions for:

  • Entrances, garden paths, and security areas – don’t settle for boring halogens that blow without warning. We can generate real WOW in your gardens, ponds, fish tanks and entranceways, and mark the parameters of your pathways with soft design / illumination solutions
  • Making the most of your property – LED lights are perfect for highlighting prized features in your garden and can be strategically placed to highlight the architectural strengths of your property
  • Added colour and texture – lighting pathways enhances safety, LED lights of differing colours can also be used in and around plants, pavers and garden objects to add texture and depth to your garden
  • Moonlight LED Lighting – this effect is achieved by placing cool/ blue lights high in trees. When used with accompanying up-lighting on large trees, an ethereal wood-like ambience is created. Cool/ blue light is also useful for soft illumination of intimate outdoor seating areas
  • Indirect LED Lighting – placing LED lights high overhead gives a natural moonlit feel and stops the blinding effects of bulbs at eye-level
  • Spotlighting – a tried and true method of enhancing features in your garden
  • Hardscape LED Strip Lighting – laying flexible waterproof LED tape under the lip of stone walls, outdoor kitchen tops, and other hardscape areas will throw light downwards and creates intimate night-time spaces that are still safely illuminated
  • Water Feature lighting – if you want wow with kapow up lighting and internal lighting of garden water features delivers amazing results. Another equally impressive approach is to use soft down lighting on a water feature to achieve a natural look
  • Creating silhouettes, shadows and highlights for your home – the last thing you want is to light up your house like a Christmas tree (unless it’s Christmas, of course!). We have the expertise to properly silhouette your home with highlights and shadows to achieve a sense of space and grandeur
  • Lasers cape led is the latest trend for large illumination of multiple trees or for general projection, we specialize in this theming & offer the latest in remote laser led technology all remotely controlled.

The team at Alpha LED Lighting has over thirteen years in the business and the expertise and creativity needed to design and install quality Landscape LED lighting solutions. We source high-end products and we are available to manufacture and install bespoke orders for our clients on the Gold Coast, so please call today for an obligation-free quote.

Clients Australia-wide may take advantage of our online store and order shipping available here.

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