Chamaeleon Deco
Chamaeleon Deco Led Lighting - Gold Coast

A decorative range of multi mode oyster / bulkhead LED luminaires with integrated motion sensor and lux sensor. Delivering energy & maintenance savings for your hallway and corridor lighting needs. Available in Arctic White or Charcoal Black

Chamaeleon III
Chamaeleon III Led Lighting - Gold Coast

New in 2015, the latest version of the award winning patented Chamaeleon light offers new design & functionality improvements sourced from user feedback across over 1000 project installations nationally.

Chamaeleon Eco
Chamaeleon Eco Led Lighting - Gold Coast

A value lighting solution for long lit areas –fire stairs, car parks, corridors and hallways. The Chamaeleon Eco, designed by enLighten Australia, complements the Chamaeleon range to offer a complete back of house lighting solution for residential strata common areas, commercial and industrial applications.


Alpha LED Lighting has a thorough understanding of the savings and benefits that accrue when businesses install LED lights in offices, showrooms, factories, storage facilities and on business facades. As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium LED lighting solutions Alpha LED Lighting has built strong business relationships with vendors, electricians, councils and large hotel, food and resort chains. Our success hinges on quality products and workmanship and the flexibility to supply and install fully compliant LED lighting solutions for new and retro commercial projects of all sizes and styles.

Take Advantage of the Alpha LED Energy Audit

Alpha LED Lighting services also include business energy usage audits. Request an audit today and we will use your data to demonstrate the following benefits of LED lighting technology:

  • Savings – LED lighting offers business energy savings of up to 90% and requires very little maintenance
  • Aesthetic Appeal – with a variety of colours and pre-programmable patterns available, LED lighting can turn your commercial premises into a showcase for your business brand
  • Peace of Mind – our LED Compliance lighting is covered by extensive warranties and our quality workmanship provides long-term, low maintenance LED lighting solutions for your business.
  • Compliance Safeguards the Consumer – All of our LED compliance lighting meets approved electrical safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements, Fire safety standards.

We all understand the impact reducing energy consumption has on profits and the company carbon footprint, so it is no surprise that energy savings are a big priority these days. Take advantage of our ENERGY AUDIT SERVICE and we will come to your premises and complete an evaluation of your current business energy use versus the projected savings with LED conversions. As a general rule, we find that LED lighting offers up to 90% in energy savings over a twelve month period, and in most cases, choosing specific lighting options with dimmable capabilities and timer-switching offers even greater energy savings over the same period. There are remote options available which mean you can reduce or increase lighting according to need, without visiting the premises. Latest microwave proximity switching offers additional energy savings.

LED Lights - Gold Coast - Complaince with Car
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Complaince with Car
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Complaince
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Complaince
LED Lights - Gold Coast - Complaince with Cars

Impress your customers with a grand entrance and tastefully lit reception and wow them when the lights come on at night with the help of the expert team at Alpha LED Lighting. We can manage your energy audits and ensure the design, manufacture and installation of LED Compliance lighting for your commercial property meets the current and future requirements of your business. We invite you to read testimonials from our satisfied customers, including Hungry Jacks, Royal Pines Resort, and Zupp Property and browse our gallery to discover what is possible with LED lighting and how it can be done. If you want to know more about LED technology take a look at our FAQ page or sign up to our blog for best and brightest in LED Compliance lighting.

If you want the best possible LED Lighting solution ,call today for an obligation-free quote.

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