Boat Signage

Our LED boat lighting solutions have taken the Gold Coast marine industry by storm.

Living on the Gold Coast our LED Lighting solutions were mainly tailored to enhance pool and garden areas, residential houses, commercial establishments and signage.

Having catered to high profile customers such as the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast and being so close to the water, it was not a surprise when we were approached by boat and yacht owners about adding beautiful LED lighting solutions to their vessels, and the results have been breath-taking.

Due to an overwhelming demand Alpha LED now boast an impressive range of custom LED lighting solutions for all your boat signage needs.


LED Boat lighting with class

When you’ve bought a boat, or yacht the pride can be overwhelming, but choosing a name that leaves a good impression in its wake can be quite stressful. Some choose to add a feminine touch, some are witty and well thought out and others are personal to that owner. Either way, once you’ve christened your boat it only makes sense to display the name proudly with good quality LED lighting from Alpha LED.

Showing off your pride and joy need not be tacky, we can design elegant LED lighting solutions so that your boat’s name is beautifully and proudly displayed. Maybe you’ve got a design in mind, or possibly you need some guidance, either way Alpha LED can assist with designs, artwork and graphics.

Quality LED boat lighting

We can adapt our LED Boat Lights to suit your vessel, but one thing we won’t change is the high quality in which we make them.

Made from the highest quality stainless steel or acrylic, all our LED lighting boat signage is beautiful and made to last.

Are our LED boat lights waterproof? Of course.

The ocean can be a cruel mistress so all our boat signage is made from the best quality materials to ensure your signage lasts. With the force of the waves and the corrosiveness of the salt in the sea, a lesser quality sign will start to look old, faded and worn in no time.

We can also offer a range of options for the power. Whether you want to use a battery supply, run it off the boats low voltage power supply or you’d like to opt for a solar option, we can talk you through the best solution to your LED boat lighting needs.

LED lighting can enhance your whole boat

Why stop at LED boat lighting when you can add beautiful LED lighting effects to your whole vessel? Whether you want to add a party atmosphere, a whimsical feel or just some practical LED lighting solutions, our LED boat lights are a stunning addition to your boat or yacht.

Commercial LED boat lighting

We can also help your commercial charter stand out for all the right reasons. Need LED Boat lighting that highlights your business? Alpha LED can design tasteful, beautiful and eye-catching lighting solutions that will be a valuable addition to your branding and advertising.

When you need an LED lighting solution that is tasteful and high-quality call Alpha LED on the Gold Coast today.

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