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5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting

5 common misconceptions about led lighting many people are facing.

As you know With many relative products in the market, there is bound to be some misinformation regarding that can influence or disturb our decisions.

so we are here discussing on misconceptions .

Five common misconceptions are :-

1. Too expensive – Doesn’t have an impact on overall costing 

This misconception rose from the fact that LED lighting products are sometime higher than regular fluorescent lights.

We can compensate that cost with their overall efficiency, and durability – delivering better value for money in the long term.

After using LED Nothing to worry about extra bill of electricity.

No need to replace on regular interval.

2.Lifespan – difference between ‘long life’ and ‘forever’  

LEDs have a much longer lifespan though, which is significantly longer than halogen, incandescent, and regular bulbs so, you have nothing to worry about how long your LED will Run.

But Nothing is permanent.

3.Heating – either gets very hot or no heat distribution  

While some says LEDs can get too hot, and other says that they don’t generate enough heat.

Unlike Outdated bulbs, it avoids overheating of the product  so it can function without any problems.

4.Not Environment-friendly

we know global warming is a serious problem of concern, Alpha LED Lighting is leaving no stone when creating a product that does not harm the environment.

Our LED proudly boasts of its highly vertically integrated setup that help us to deliver high value LED lighting solutions.

5.Lack of color options 

you can find lots of multi-colored LEDs seamlessly into your surrounding.

After understanding Five misconception about LED Lighting second question comes in your mind is from where buy best LED lighting.

Alpha Led Lighting are your One Stop Solution

  1. One-stop Destination

Being one of the leading  LED lighting solutions in Australia, Alpha Led Lighting leaves no stone un turned to match every requirement of their customers. From commercial to residential and industrial to swimming Pool,

Alpha Led Lighting  has a range of verity of  designed LED lights that can cater to your lighting needs in all such areas.

  1.  Constant Dedication is key to success

As you know Alpha Led Lighting  is one of the fastest growing LED lighting brands in Australia and our relentless dedication the key to this success.

So you can buy you best led lighting from Alpha LED Lighting.

The area where we provide these facility:-

1.For Corporate World

2.Commercial Led Lighting

3.Pool LED Lighting

4.Boat Signage Lighting

5.Landscape Lighting

I Hope all your doubts are cleared regarding “5 Common Misconceptions about LED Lighting“.

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Why we need LED Lighting?

Why we need LED Lighting?

LED are always Energy-Efficient Lights

By making the switch to energy-efficient lighting you will systematically cut your monthly energy costs means your chance to save money is very high.

We bring you the best High-Quality product at low budget as compared to other led light wholesalers and suppliers.

Why LED a Better option than Outdated Light?

If you compare regular lights with LED then you find that our LED Lighting are more efficient and power preserving.

You can even see the difference in term of  brightness of both the lights.

Nowadays LED bulbs are a more widespread.

 Benefits of LED lights:

  • First of all, LED are energy efficient and minimum percentage of power use. Therefore they are today one of the most widely preferred LED.
  • The lifespan of  LED lighting is more as compared to outdated lights so that you don’t need to replace it repeatedly.
  • You don’t have to compromise with the level of brightness .They give you proper satisfaction regarding brightness.
  • Cost saving – No Need of regular Maintenance or checkup.

So I hope you now understand We need LED Lights Because Regular/Outdated lights can increase your electricity bills lets have look.


How Alpha LED Light Up Your life?

We know As the nights draw in and days get shorter, we are noticing an increase demand in garden, commercial, corporate, pool lighting and home lighting requests.

Our Garden Lighting can add some incredible ambience to your home and outdoor areas.

We also specialized in providing you LED for commercial, corporate , and Landscape Purpose.

Many peoples those are living nearby Gold Coast & Brisbane, are well aware about Alpha LED Lighting Solutions we provide.

We are your trusted Partners & installation specialists of any lighting needs from Commercial, corporate, and Swimming Pool . We light up your life!

Now you can conclude benefits of LED Lights.


Area where Alphaledlighting

  1. Corporate Lighting.
  2. Pool Lighting
  3. Landscape and Lighting
  4. commercial-lighting


I hope now you understand why we need LED Lights?

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LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia


LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia

We Are Best LED Lighting on Gold Coast Australia.

Now Question is How you find your best LED Lighting on gold coast in australia?

Our Servicing And Installation Available In SE Queensland And Northern NSW.

What thing Makes Alpha the Best Led Lighting in Australia?

We always consider our customer feedback from market of our products.

It means we keep in mind our customer feedback

As a result of the unstoppable work in LED, we acquired good share in Australia on commercial, Corporate and residential facilities.

To ensure the capability of providing our customer a high quality products, we introduced advanced quality control and modern management concept in our Company.

which helps us to provide the best light pleasure with our unique design for our lovely customers.

We Alpha Led delivers our lighting products to many residential villas, Hotels, shopping malls, society, Swimming pool and other properties.

We are proud of that our company has won good reputation among our business partners due to our high quality products as well as our service.

Alpha LED Lighting will dedicate to explore quality values of the LED with infinite potential and create an eco-friendly & people-friendly lighting environment for a new age.

What we Offer?

Alpha LED Lighting offers LED lighting solutions for

Commercial  lighting, landscape lighting, pool lighting, signage for domestic,   boat lighting and commercial and corporate businesses, using high quality products, manufactured to Australian standards

Many customer  from  Gold Coast, Brisbane and other part Australia , are well aware of the New Lighting Solutions we provide.

We are your trusted suppliers & installation specialists of any lighting needs for commercial, corporate , Pool or Garden. We light up your life!

Corporate, commercial and Pool Lighting

Our Skill can install lighting for any corporate, commercial area including your front and back , veranda and swimming pool.

LED Lighting Installations

LED lights are energy efficient, long lasting and provide more back up in term of money saving as compared to old one.

I hope you understand the thing that Makes Alpha Best Led Lighting in australia.

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How Our LED Lighting Impress Others

How Our LED Lighting impress others?

First question comes in your mind is how our LED lighting impress other.

Alpha LED

We Inspired by quality and our journey started with the passion for providing superior quality within the client’s budget.


how Our LED impress other?

Our plan is to impress other

We want you to Impress your customers with a grand entrance.

Means we can manage many things regarding your business.

We manage energy audits and ensure the design, manufacture and installation of LED Compliance lighting for your commercial property.

Even If you are considering upgrading your business signs Alpha LED Lighting can help with innovative design products.

We know the value of satisfactory clients and for that we work hard.

Our skilled engineers are there for you with the innovative designs.

For Commercial clients we have various choices including LED lighting in receptions,  office led lighting, impressive night lighting on building facades and outdoor LED lights to illuminate landscaping features.

How we impress other by LED Lighting Solution?

  1. We are Best in LED Lights for corporate, commercial and pool
  2. We have different range of led lights available according to your need in Australia.
  3. Alpha LED Lighting are leading distributor of the premium LED lights under your Budget.
  4. Our attractive design increase your presence in front of your customer.
  5. Alpha  LED lights offer speak performance, quick operation and is easy to install.
  6. We Alpha LED know that if your customer or business person are happy with environment then this will increase chances of better results.
  7. Alpha LED Lighting are designed to impress.
  8. By using Modern LED Lighting you can make profit.

As you modern led lighting is important  for commercial and corporate.

  • First of all Modern LED lights are energy efficient
  • LED lights are 10 times cheaper according to survey then halogen lamp.
  • It is easy to install

So you can save your time and money at the same time.

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So what you are waiting for come and join us .

I hope now you can conclude that yes our led lighting impress others.




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Why Modern LED Lighting Is More Profitable

Why Modern LED Lighting Is More Profitable?

Modern Led Lighting Is More Profitable because of its durability and cost.

we are in the same field of LED Lighting for commercial and corporate

We Alpha LED Lighting has been in business on the Gold Coast for 14 years.

Our success is attributed to the expertise and a passion for sourcing premium LED lighting products.

Why modern led lighting is so important for commercial and corporate

The two main factors that made lighting for businesses possible in the first place are low cost and a uniform color.

So much of modern lighting design is driven by those two factors:

why light our offices? What lights our commercial purpose?

Why should we buy a set of light bulbs with only three colors?

How often do we change the light in our offices?

At the center of every successful commercial or industrial lighting scheme, the brightness of the lights, as well as their colour, are either dictated or controlled by these two factors.

There’s no avoiding that fact. But that does not mean modern light is all bad. On the contrary, in addition to being plentiful, cheap, and abundant, modern lighting really is better for your business’s bottom line.

Why Modern Lighting Is More Profitable?

First of all Modern LED lights are energy efficient, not only offering a broader range of colour with less power consumption than traditional lighting, but they are also much cheaper than older technologies.

According to Survey, “LED lights are 10 times cheaper to manufacture than incandescent or halogen lamps.”

That’s important because the energy and electrical consumption of lights especially the lights in your office can either be the key factor in determining if your lighting is cost-effective or not.

We have already talked a lot about how lighting in the offices consumes electricity and leads to increased maintenance costs, but there are other costs as well.

How Older Lighting affects the profits?

Energy usage is one of them. According to Lighting Insights, “Hazardous waste disposal is a growing concern for older lighting installations due to inadequate waste disposal policies.”

Without proper waste disposal programs, maintenance of older lighting and fixtures will create additional maintenance costs for your business .

What Does LED Lighting Do To Your Business’s Bottom Line?

After lighting costs, costs that you incur due to increasing maintenance and repair costs .

Why has LED lighting become so important in the australia and around the world?


Much of the growth in LED lighting over the last ten years is down to the fact that LEDs can offer lower operating costs, longer working life and faster installation.

LEDs can even make the difference between budget and profitable lighting installations

Modern Led can be installed within weeks instead of months.

As a result, major companies are spending significant amounts of money on LED lighting to meet the demand for high quality lighting.

So we hope you now can understand Why Modern Led Lighting Is More Profitable.

We provide you variety of led lighting which save your money and time.

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Corporate Events Lighting

Corporate Events Lighting

Alpha Led is one of the best solution for corporate events lighting.

How we are best for corporate events lighting in australia?

As you know Corporate events are all about the attendee experience, and no one can denying that your visual company can have a huge impact on your business.

We keep consider all things for your success.

We not only work for corporate events even we work for many other  requirements.

How can lighting help?

Lighting is crucial to any brand’s presence at corporate events.

Without quality of event lighting, the audience can lose focus on your subject and you loses value from your event investment.

Our experts at alpha led Services are event lighting leaders.

We understand how to get the valuable audience’s attention using the right methods, and we are committed or ready to customize the experience to exceed all expectations.

The Value of Lighting at Your Events

Lighting is the key moment of success in any event .

That’s why many companies want professional services before any event .

As you know by the help of profession you can create perfect tone for your environment.

Our LED lighting is energy efficient ,power saving and provides seamless lighting control.

So by saving energy you can save your money.

Our Lighting Design Process

we ensure the ideal result for your brand.


The Alpha Led lighting company can create the best plan according to your need.

As you know Corporate outdoor lighting requires regular maintenance for the best results and most safety.

Minimum maintenance you need after using Alpha Led.

From impressive, eye-catching business design, to flawlessly executed breakout sessions,

Alpha LED team is here to help you provide exceptional experiences, no matter the size or scope.

OUR EXPERIENCE that makes us best in corporate events lighting.

We have more than 13 years experience our success is based on creative solutions, attention to detail and professional service and knowledge.

We provided our services at commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

Alpha LED Lights  have many return customers due to our high level of customer services.

Alpha LED team of Event Specialists and Lighting Designers will work closely with you to understand yours vision

Our team enhance the look, feel and energy of your events.

Upgrading Your Business Signs or lighting

If you are considering upgrading your business signs or  lighting, Alpha LED Lighting can help you with innovative products, creative design and professional installation backed by solid warranties.


So now you can conclude that how we are best for corporate events lighting in australia.

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Swimming Pool Lighting

Swimming Pool Lighting

Alpha LED Swimming pool lighting has come along with modern technology .

What Are The Different Types Of Swimming Pool Lighting?

There are mainly two types of lighting that are used in around swimming pools

As you know Regular light bulbs used large amounts of energy, so they were not good for the environment. They need replacement on regular intervals, which could be a difficult job in a swimming pool.

Now what is the Difference between Halogen and LED ?

LED lights are much better than halogen lights by various reasons.

Temperature they produced

The biggest factor separating these two options is certain amount of  heat emission.

In term of temperatures, halogen lights may be dangerous and cause burns if touched

An LED emits 10% of their energy in heat,  so this make them more efficient and cool to touch

Life of LED lights is much longer than halogen bulbs — more than 40 times longer.

Why Cost not effect so much?

Because LEDs cost is more per unit, but the overall lifespan of LEDs means that you’ll buy fewer LEDs than you will halogen bulbs

Sometime LED light is about 25-50 times longer.

IN Longer term users of LED will save money on the amount of replacements that need to be purchased.

Power Consumption makes LED Far better then Halogen

An average LED light use 8 watts of power, while halogen lights average about 90 watts. That’s more than 11-12X as much! LED lights are environmentally friendly!

For these reasons, LED lighting has now become the standard for new swimming pool in australia


One of the main advantage of modern LED swimming pool lighting is the number of choices are available.

As you know white LED lights are pure white, so even at night, the colour of your swimming pool will look same as its daytime appearance.

Alternatively, you can choose a blue, red and green LED lighting system. These three colours can be combination can produce pool lighting in any colour .

This can be a extremely effective feature for evening time pool parties, helping to create an extra joyful atmosphere.


Another fine feature of Alpha LED pool lighting is its level of practicality. Our Modern swimming pool lighting systems are easily programmable, so you can set them to turn on and off at any time you need.

This will cut down even further on energy wastage, saving you more money on your household bills.

How Many Lights Do You Need for swimming pool?

This really depends three factors:

  • shape and size need to be check for your swimming pool lights.
  • The design and color effects you want to achieve.
  • The amount of light in the area around by your pool

Obviously, a large pool would require Additional lights than a smaller pool.

You should think about the shape of pool when you are planning for pool lighting.

Alpha LED Provide you the best deal for swimming pool Lighting so what you are waiting for come and join us for saving money and timing.

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Best Pool LED Lights

Best Pool LED Lights

Best Pool LED Lights in Australia By Alpha LED Lighting .

We alpha led lighting can install new and retrofit LED pool lights in any swimming pool, and spa.

How we are best Pool LED Lighting Solution?

  1. Firstly We Alpha LED Lighting’s is one of the leading manufacturer for LED lights to suit both commercial and domestic.
  2. We are Best in LED Pool Lights because we have different range of led lights available according to your need in Australia.
  3. Alpha LED Lighting are leading distributor of the premium LED lights under your Budget.
  4. Alpha  LED lights offer speak performance, quick operation and is easy to install.

So alpha led saves your time and money.

by the above points you can conclude we are best pool led lighting in Australia for you.

Best Pool led Lighting in Australia

Available By alpha led lighting and now with an extra year warranty Thanks to our present offers on some LED Lights.

Multi-colored LED lights produce vibrant colors it is Cleverly designed.

Multi-colored lights programmed with 16 mood lighting settings, operated via a remote control or switches.

Another thing which makes us best in the pool light in Australia is our solar control panel for led lights

In which we do not need electricity for that means in the absence of electricity we not to worry.

So we can say that alpha led lighting is Eco-friendly floating pool light.

Alpha Led Light is an eco-friendly lighting feature that creates the perfect look for pool parties and outdoor entertaining. Waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled ,multicolored and solar control in option.

How much experience we have ?

Specialist in LED Lighting Projects

We manufacture and install a range of custom design LED lighting for corporate and other special projects for many companies such as McDonalds, Mantra Hotels, Zupp Property Group, Sheraton and Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

so now you can conclude how we are best pool led light in Australia for you.

What is Need of Upgrading pool lights?

The benefits of upgrading your swimming pool lights are hard to ignore: not solely the looks of your pool can improve creating the expertise additional pleasant, however you’ll save in electricity and also the safety are improved.

By upgrading pool you can enhance look of your area .

Our aim is to Brighten up your backyard pool with the creative use of pool LED lights.

So now you can conclude how we are best pool led lights.

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